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Burgers and Milkshakes and Fries, Oh My!

If you’re an avid cheeseburger and fries eater as I am, you’ll love to hear about Burger Creations. Located at 52 E 8th Street in Manhattan, Burger Creations is in the heart of the NYU area and the co...

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Campus Clipper

The Way Students Learn to Save Money

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Olivia Orellano graduated from the City College of New York with a degree in English, Advertising and Public Relations. Olivia is currently working on articles and reviews for the website timessquare.com. It is a website that gives information on happenings in NYC, such as restaurants, broadway shows, hotels, travel, tours etc. The site is great for NYC residents and tourists.

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The Art of “Hygiene”

In society today appearance is everything; ever heard of the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Nowadays, society is forced to look at someone and come up with the notion of who the person is an...

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The Secret to Spending is Saving

Right now, the majority of students have spent their time on the internet searching for money saving deals because they’ve “lavishly” spent the money their parents have constantly told them to save. I...